Recognition of a Customer's Expectation of Privacy

The Citizens Bank recognizes and respects the privacy expectations of our customers. The Citizens Bank has established policies and procedures to prevent misuse of our customers' confidential and private information.
Privacy Policy



The Citizens Bank has adopted the following principles:


Use, Collection and Retention of Customer Information

The Citizens Bank collects, retains and uses information about individual customers only where it is allowed by law and the institution reasonably believes it is useful in administering the institution's business, and in providing products, services and other opportunities to our customers. The Citizens Bank does not currently sell data. Additionally, The Citizens Bank does not have any future plans to change our policy on selling data. In the event that the institution begins to sell customer data, the customer will be notified and presented with the opportunity to "opt out," whereupon that customer's personal data will not be sold.


Maintenance of Accurate Information

The Citizens Bank has established procedures to ensure that our customer's financial information is accurate, current and complete in accordance with reasonable commercial standards. The Citizens Bank will respond in a timely manner to customer requests to correct inaccurate information.


Limiting Employee Access to Information

The Citizens Bank limits access to our customers' confidential and private information to employees with legitimate business reasons for knowing such information. The Citizens Bank will educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy. Employees will be appropriately disciplined for any failure to comply with these "Privacy Principles".


Protection of Information via Established Security Procedures

The Citizens Bank maintains appropriate security procedures regarding unauthorized access to customer information.


Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information

The Citizens Bank does not reveal specific information about our customers or their transactions to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use, unless the information is provided 1) to help complete a customer-initiated transaction, 2) to help administer the institution's bona fide business, 3) at the customer's request, 4) to comply with a legal requirement (i.e., subpoena), 5) to a reputable information reporting agency (i.e., credit bureau) or 6) after the customer has been informed about the possibility of such disclosure through a prior communication and is given the opportunity to decline (i.e., "opt out").


Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties

Whenever The Citizens Bank does provide specifically identifiable customer information to a third party, The Citizens Bank insists that the third party adhere to similar "Privacy Principles" that provide for keeping such information confidential.


Disclosure of "Privacy Principles" to Customers

The Citizens Bank will make these "Privacy Principles" available to our customers to give them a better understanding of our commitment to safeguarding confidential and private information.


Special Information Applicable to Electronic (Internet) Banking

The Citizens Bank's "Privacy Principles" will apply to customers' confidential and private information with regard to both traditional and non-traditional (i.e., Internet) banking activities. However, due to the unique nature of the Internet and the ease with which information can be exchanged, The Citizens Bank feels it is important for customers to be aware of the unique issues surrounding Internet Banking.


To better serve legitimate Internet Banking customers:

The Citizens Bank collects generic information about visitors to our website. This information includes the date and time of access, the Internet service provider's address, the web browser used, and the visitor's physical location.

The Citizens Bank requires customers to utilize specific passwords for access to confidential and private information. The Citizens Bank reminds customers of their responsibility to safeguard login IDs and passwords. In addition, commercial customers should carefully screen those employees to whom user IDs and passwords are granted.

The Citizens Bank utilizes encryption, firewall, router, third party verification procedures and other security software and hardware to help prevent unauthorized eavesdropping of and access to customers' confidential and private information.

The Citizens Bank utilizes virus protection software to help prevent the spread of computer viruses.

The Citizens Bank utilizes "cookies" to help authenticate our customers' identities and to help facilitate the exchange of information between The Citizens Bank systems and our customers' systems.

The Citizens Bank reminds all of our customers that links in the institution's websites can be found to websites not under our control. These websites will not necessarily comply with The Citizens Bank's "Privacy Principles" and security standards.

The Citizens Bank reminds all of our customers that confidential and private information may be compromised in both traditional and non-traditional banking activities. The Citizens Bank can only establish policies and procedures to help restrict use of and access to confidential and private information. If any The Citizens Bank customers believe that confidential and private information has been compromised, please contact The Citizens Bank immediately so that the potential breach can be investigated.


Comments or Complaints by Customers

Any comments or complaints about this policy, any privacy-related issue or any inaccuracy in customer data can be made by contacting:

Lisa Davis
The Citizens Bank
P. O. Box 2156
Batesville, AR 72503-2156
Phone 870-793-4441
[email protected]

NOTICE: Information sent by Email is at risk of loss of confidentiality if the information is transmitted over the Internet. We do not recommend sending confidential information such as account numbers or social security numbers by Email. You can contact The Citizens Bank directly at (870) 793-4441.

Visitors to this bank Website remain anonymous. We do not collect identifying information about visitors to our site. We may use standard software to collect non-identifying information about our visitors, such as:

  • Date and time our site was accessed
  • IP address (A numeric address given to servers connected to the Internet)
  • Web browser used
  • City, state, and country

The bank uses this information to create summary statistics and to determine the level of interest in information available on our site.

Visitors may elect to provide us with personal information via E-mail, online registration forms, or our guest book. This information is used internally, as appropriate, to handle the sender's request. It is not disseminated or sold to other organizations.

Some areas of our Website may use a "cookie" temporarily stored in the visitor's computer memory (RAM) to allow the web server to log the pages you use within the site and to know if you have visited the site before.