Fraud Protection

Keep your company safe from fraud.
Fraud Protection



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Our fraud solutions help protect your company from both internal and external fraud.

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Fraud Protection

Citizens Bank positive pay enables you to minimize potential fraud losses associated with checks issued by your company. Upload your company's issued check file with ease as well as make real time decisions to pay or return items.

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Fraud Protection

Instead of uploading a check issued file you can review and make a decision in real time for all checks presented for payment.

ACH Positive Pay

Fraud Solutions

ACH positive pay works to protect your company from ACH fraud. By managing your approved vendor list online you control who debits or credits your company accounts.

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Fraud Solutions

Our online administration tools allow you to control who in your company has access to treasury management services as well as limit the dollar amounts they are allowed to initiate. Multiple levels of approval can be put in place to insure your company is not the victim of internal fraud.