Web Banking Upgrade


It’s time for your new “NetTeller” online banking experience with “iPay” Bill Pay – only from Citizens Bank! Get ready for greater convenience and more freedom to enjoy life. Your new “NetTeller” online banking with “iPay” Bill Pay – begins today!



Step 1    Go to “Click Here to Access Online Banking”

Step 2    Enter Your Internet Banking ID

Step 3    Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number

Step 4    Read and Accept Online Agreement

Step 5    Create new password

Step 6    Select Watermark image

Step 7    Read information about MFA

Step 8    Select and answer questions

Step 9    Confirm questions

Step 10  Read message that MFA has been saved

Step 11  Enter or confirm email address

Account landing page is presented and navigation through NetTeller may begin.


If you use Mobile banking; please uninstall your current mobile app. Please select Mobile Settings located on your “NetTeller” tool bar and enroll in mobile banking. Once you have successfully enrolled, you will receive a text message confirming your enrollment along with the URL to access our mobile website. https://www.airteller.com/thecitizensbank