Who do you trust to help you save and invest your money? 
Trust Citizens Bank to help you save and invest your money safely and securely. We offer many saving and investment options to individuals and businesses. Let us help you choose the one that best fits your financial goals. 

Money Market Plus Account
For the savvy saver, Citizens Bank's Money Market Plus account offers all you could ever need -- a higher rate of interest plus access to your funds by check.


Statement Savings Account
Are you ready to start saving money?  Here's a savings account for individuals or business customers: the Statement Savings Account, an interest earning savings account that offers flexibility and stability.


Christmas Club Account
It's perfect for saving up for holiday travel, celebrations, and, of course, presents.  Best of all, no after-Christmas debt!  No minimum amount is required to open an account, and interest is credited at maturity.


CeeBee Savings Account
It’s smart to teach your children about how to save money while they are little. Let CeeBee the Money Bee help your young ones Learn to Earn!