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24-Hour Telephone Banking

Quick Reference Guide

24-Hour Telephone Banking phone numbers:

1(855) 222–8225 or 1(870) 698–2000

Important Telephone Banking Notice to Customers

On May 21, our 24-Hour Telephone Banking system will be upgraded with new, enhanced features. When you call, please listen closely as the menu options will have changed. The current features you enjoy will still be available, as well as additional options. The PIN for current customers will remain the same; new customers will need to establish a PIN when they call.

Important Telephone Banking Notice to Customers

  • Press 8 and * or say “touchtone” to switch between touchtone and speech recognition
  • Press 3 and * or say “main menu” to return to the main menu
  • Press 0 or say “customer service” to be directed to our Customer Service Center
  • Press * or say “go back” to return to the previous menu
  • Press # or say “repeat” to repeat an option
  • Press 1 and * or say “help” for help navigating the Telephone Banking system

To learn more—or enroll—drop by any Citizens Bank location or visit us online at www.thecitizensbank.net/24-hour.





Disclaimer: Transfers made after 7 p.m. will not go into effect until the next business day.

Menu Options

  1. Account Balance Contains account balance along with memo posted transactions and interest information
  2. Account History Hear all account history, debits, credits, cleared checks, search by check number, and search by check amount
  3. Future Dated Transactions Hear a list of pending debits and credits as well as a list of any scheduled funds transfers
  4. Funds Transfers and Payments Transfer funds immediately or schedule funds transfer for a later date, make a loan payment or pay off a loan, and hear a list of scheduled funds transfers
  5. Stop Payments Submit stop payments by a specific check number or a range of numbers, and inquire on past stop payments
  6. Card Maintenance Activate and Deactivate debit cards
  7. Bank Information All Citizens Bank branch locations by region
  8. PIN Maintenance Change an already established Telephone Banking PIN number